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Trader Authorisation Certificate

Repairs and Refurbishments

Peter has used his skills and craftsmanship to restore many bashed, battered and broken instruments to their former glory!

See the pictures below for some of the typical types of damage on which he has worked his own brand of magic.

Fixed prices are not quoted for repairs due to their variable nature.
Please contact us with details of work required for an estimate.
Is it a sponge? Is it a Crunchie bar? No! It's a piece of wood!!

The base of this maple guitar neck had been badly eaten away by woodworm. The level of damage was not evident on the surface, where there were just a few tiny little 'pin-prick' holes visible under the lacquer.

The guitar came to Pete for him to rectify a 'bodged' repair someone else had previously done but, when he took the guitar apart, he found this little problem needed solving as well.
Woodwormed neck
Once the 'Crunchie bar' (photo above) was cut away from the Bert Weedon 'Zero One', a new piece of maple was then glued onto the neck stock and carved sympathetically into the original shape.

The neck had to be reset to the correct neck rake angle, professionally set-up and it was last heard of, being sold as a collectable at Coy's Rock Auctions - value £550 to £750 !
Woodwormed neck part 2
Telecaster Headstock Cracked open headstock on a 'Heavy Metal' Telecaster.

Occurred during transit from the USA because the hard case in which it was packaged was too small for the guitar!
Explorer Body The corner on the body of this 'Explorer' - type guitar had suffered some impact damage.
While this may not have affected the playability, it certainly didn't do much for its looks!

Caused by operator error, we suspect!
One side of the headstock on this B C Rich guitar had been completely broken off. BC Rich Headstock

Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Payatrader

Trader Authorisation Certificate

Guitar Technical Services now uses "Payatrader" which is an affordable way for small businesses to accept payments by credit or debit card. It is primarily aimed at businesses who provide services. You may not want to write a cheque or have cash readily available but want to spread payment of the cost of the work over a longer term. By choosing Payatrader, you have the option to choose the more flexible method of paying with your credit card instead.
GTS Payatrader Certificate

Payment must only be made AFTER the work has been completed.

Click here for details from the Payatrader website.




Work Requests & Instructions

Click the link below for a Work Request form.
Print one out, complete with your requirements and place with your instrument when you send it to Guitar Technical Services (by prior arrangement only).

Work Request Form_PDF